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September 12, 2009
By Jamie DeNoia BRONZE, Hazleton, Pennsylvania
Jamie DeNoia BRONZE, Hazleton, Pennsylvania
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I have spent my entire seventeen years of life in Hazleton. It is a city nestled in the mountainous regions of Northeastern Pennsylvania. In Hazleton, the roads are not asphalt, but actually forged from twenty-four karat gold. There are numerous large, luscious green meadows, blooming with the utter-most yellow sunflowers. These gorgeous fields are actually the location where the only living unicorns go to graze. The weather conditions are also out of the ordinary. It only snows the most decadent, fluffy marshmallows, and our rainwater is actually so pure it is bottled and sold to the most famous and pampered A-list celebrities. The Greater Hazleton Area is also filled with small songbirds trained to sing in unison with those singing aloud in the streets. While we are on the topic of the streets, Hazleton is also completely car-free. This prevents obvious damage to the golden streets, but it also makes the area entirely pollutant free. For transit, citizens ride magic carpets with outstandingly festive, elegant, and exotic designs; only the best money can buy. As you can see, Hazleton is basically the Garden of Eden of Luzerne County.

Obviously, this description of the city I call home is entirely fabricated from my imagination. Hazleton is actually nothing like this, but if there is one quality I want to show in this essay about myself, it is my ability to embellish stories, and think outside of the box. I thrive on creativity, and originality is what I do best. I could have written all about that time I sunk the game winning shot after working hard for weeks. Maybe you would have enjoyed hearing the truly inspiring story of how I hustled and shimmied my way to the cheerleading finals in Florida last year, and how all my hard effort ended up in victory for the squad. Oh, and how could I forget the time I spend every weekend volunteering at the local soup kitchen for a month straight, and how it made grateful for everything I have. To be honest though, like my description above, all of those stories would be untrue. I have never done any of those things. However, even if I did, why bore you like that? I do not want to write another interchangeable essay that you have most likely read hundreds of times. I do not want to waste your time advertising myself for you, and telling you about why I am the best, and all the reasons you should accept me. I much rather show you some originality and my unique personality. This is why I decided to use a creative writing piece about my hometown of Hazleton, Pennsylvania. I hope instead of hearing some story of an accomplishment, or about what clubs and activities I am involved in, my tall tale of the less than perfect city of Hazleton will make me stand out.

The author's comments:
I'm applying at Towson University, and I want to know if I should this essay I wrote.

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natnat said...
on Sep. 30 2009 at 10:55 pm
My mom grew up in McAdoo, PA, and I was really surprised to see your post!

The first paragraph is really strong, but I would strengthen the transition to the second paragraph.

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