Everyday, I carry things...

May 30, 2009
By Nina Millar BRONZE, La Mesa, California
Nina Millar BRONZE, La Mesa, California
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Everyday, I carry things with me to wherever I go, whomever I meet, whatever I am doing. Metaphorically, and literally speaking. Physically, to school I never fail to bring my pencils and papers, wallet and keys, lunch and cell phone, and a countless number of other items. In my heart, my mind, my soul, I bring with me throughout the day the expectations of my father, the heart of my sister, and my own dreams. These metaphysical objects are the things with which have defined my life and will play a part in determining who I become.

My father, growing up from a middle class, white, Christian, San Diego home-grown family, he sounds like the epitome of America, or in some people’s opinion extremely boring, but he is far from that. From a young age he was in constant search of the answers to a multitude of questions… questions in which he went searching for in the jungles of Madagascar, the villages across Europe, and in teepees in Pennsylvania. From his thirst for truth he learned of the joys of life, instilling in me a love for nature and a determination to be the best I can in everything I do. This call for perfection pushes me to try my hardest in academia, instruments, sports and simple tasks that go on in my day-to-day life.

Being the middle child, I have someone to look up to, my sister, as well as having someone to be an exemplar to, my younger brother. With a 4.6 GPA, countless awards, recognitions and positions, my sister sounds quite impressive on paper. What touches me the most, though, is her heart. Her academic achievements, getting her into a very good university – UC Berkeley – gives me incentive to put all my effort into school, even when early pangs of ‘senioritis’ hit. Though in life that type of model will get me far in life, what touches me most about my older sister is her boundless heart. As one of the most kind and generous people you will ever meet, she doesn’t care if she looks dumb if it means getting to know the nerdy kid in school or helping the loner, and like the giving tree, she keeps on giving.

As one gets older, he or she realizes how life changes, people change, and the world is constantly changing, there are some things that do not change, and those ‘things’ one may hold in their hearts until the end of time. Within my own, I carry simple hopes – to have a happy life, dreams – to travel the world, find a career in which I can help people, and build a family, and love – for my family, my friends, for God, for the earth, for humanity, for children, for animals, and my love of love.

It is said that what we say does not define us, but it is what we do. I may spout these silver-lined dreams but to manifest these ideals, expectations and heart, I must begin by taking steps, baby steps. The first step after which is the monotonous days of high school – the adventure we call ‘college life.’

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joeeeeeee said...
on Sep. 8 2009 at 6:45 pm
Ya I read that book too

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