Shattering Familiar Walls

May 19, 2009
By Ashley Emanuel BRONZE, Valdosta, Georgia
Ashley Emanuel BRONZE, Valdosta, Georgia
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Shattering Familiar Walls

“Ms. Ashley I want to be in your group!” the statement that excited eight year old Skye had no idea changed my life, as we boarded the bus Friday. It was the big summer trip to the Georgia Aquarium, and I had fallen victim to about fifty hyperactive “Hannah Montanas” and “Batmans.” Although I was not new to chaperoning field trips, riding on a school bus for three hours was a first. Surrounded by Game Boys, mp3 players, and fifty totally different personalities -I sat down with the loudest gang on the bus, the seven and eight year olds. Having already built a relationship with most of the kids eased the ride, but today a new kid, Skye, joined the rowdiness.
Since my transition to public school in fifth grade, I’ve stood in an empty room of quiet walls. Standing in this room I could withdraw from everything and no one notice. From the outside everything seemed perfect but inside I was longing for someone to pop the cap on my life. Skye was this someone. Skye was one of the kids that was often labeled as the problem child, notorious for finding his way into trouble. Whether it was about whose game was the best or who ran the fastest, Skye had to win. If all the kids followed me, he would be the one to oppose. I hated it, but he pulled me out of my comfort zone without even knowing it.
I realized that my defining moment was created. Although he drifted the group away from me with his childish nature, his leadership astounded me. Everything he did, pulled, and eventually dragged me out of my lifelong corner. Skye led the seven and eight year olds to drive me crazy that Friday, but one simple statement, “Ms Ashley I want to be in your group,” turned the trip from a disaster to a dream come true. This trip to the Aquarium became the best day of my life.
Now I stand today, someone who is not afraid to be a leader or voice the opinions that have laid dormant within me for years, and Skye is the reason.

The author's comments:
This is an essay I wrote for my English class, that I used as a personal narrative for a college application.

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