Anger at a Young Age

April 30, 2009
By Eric Rego BRONZE, Attleboro, Massachusetts
Eric Rego BRONZE, Attleboro, Massachusetts
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Anger at a Young Age

Growing up I always had anger issues, such as always taking anger out on everything and everyone. During my junior year of high school, I decided to change my ways. I knew it was not a great way to live life, and it had to change. I sought help through a therapist; these sessions have served me to become a better person. Anger is now not my constant companion. Through this experience my life has totally changed because I have learned ways to control my anger and how to express it in good ways.

My childhood temperament was always very harmful. I became mad at everything even if it was not about me. Things that tended to bother me were when people did not listen to me and did the total opposite. I know it is not nice to do, and it was a little selfish of me, but it was almost like I could not control it at times. Other things that made me mad were when people said things about me. It escalated to the point where I would become involved in fights and words would be exchanged with someone. It became difficult at times, and it was almost like I did not care if I were in trouble. My parents told me I needed to change but I never listened. My older brother had anger problems almost like me, but not as serious. I knew it ran in the family, so it never bothered me.

Anger was how I realized I needed to change my life. Having anger issues always made me look bad to other people and gave a negative impression, when really I am a nice person. My friends and girlfriend were the deciding factor. People would tell other people they could not take me out because of my anger problems; they did not want to have a terrible night or have a troubling situation. Well, my best friend, who is my cousin, told me about that. It hit me, hard, as it hurt that people would say that. This showed me that having a bad temperament was not an acceptable attribute.

On another time, my girlfriend and I were out with friends, and she said something I did not like. I acted out and starting yelling at her even though I never meant to do that. I had never done that to any woman before, and it hurt me afterwards. My girlfriend had never seen that part of me before and it led to a break up. When that happened, I knew I needed to change. I lost my girlfriend and I was quickly losing my friends. It was making me appear to be a horrible person. I talked to my mom and we researched therapists.

My mom found someone for me to see, and I started attending sessions, which, at first, seemed a little weird. After a few of these anger management classes, I really started understanding the meaning and began to think this was going to help. During the classes, we talked about how easily I reacted with anger to certain things. The therapist then found solutions for me on how to calm down and not become angry so often. After seeing the therapist for a while, I found the sessions improved my behavior. I discovered I did not become mad at stupid things anymore and now am a more relaxed person. Even people such as my friends, family, and my “old” girlfriend have realized I am a totally changed person. My parents told me they were proud of me and the person I have turned into. That made me feel wonderful. Being able to hang out with people and not getting into trouble, and hanging with friends without them saying things about my anger, made me realize I am accomplishing my goals.

All in all, having anger problems at a young age was shocking and should have been solved sooner, but when I realized I needed help with my anger problems, seeking out a therapist changed my life totally. Anger is no longer a way of life for me, instead I am able to live my life without the ever present “danger.” As an unknown author once said, “Anger is one letter short of danger.” I learned that many of the situations I found myself in, because of my anger, led me into dangerous situations. Controlling my anger has made me become the person I should have been a long time ago. I can now say that I am a young man who is positive about his future.

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