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Here are the most recent college articles:

Finding the ''Special...
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I have been single for almost four years until my (now) boyfriend enter my life. I remember not so long ago on my nth birthday I was praying to God to please give me a "boyfriend"- yeah I know it sounds desperate, but yes I wouldn't  lie on... (more »)
Woman Saga
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The hand that rocks the cradle rules  the world. She turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans. The call for emancipation and empowerment of women has increased at an alarming rate and is one of the most discussed issue of the... (more »)
Scoping Out University
By , Stafford, United Kingdom
It’s 6am on a Saturday and yet you find yourself stumbling out of bed, pulling on your best ‘I’m not trying too hard’ outfit whilst half-heartedly shouting at your parents to wake up. That’s right, university open days are here.... (more »)
First Week At College
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I’ve looked forward to college ever since my mother told me that it was just like pre school, except you could have all your classes start at noon and there was a pool. My parents both encouraged me, in the most benevolent possible way, to go to... (more »)
How to Write the Perfect College Essay: Step by...
As a rising senior in high school, I’m stressing out and frantically rushing to complete college applications, improve my test scores last minute, and handle a full load of IB courses all at once. Recently, I visited my brother in Washington... (more »)
Saying Goodbye
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The bittersweet mixture of both excitement and stress during senior year has now disappeared. We have put on our caps and gowns and done our best not to trip while walking across the stage at our High School graduation. It's the middle of... (more »)
The Secrets of a Duel Enrollment Student
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Okay, they are all in the same boat as you. You got this. You aren’t in “their territory” this is neutral ground. They’re just coming to college for the first time too. What doesn’t it matter if you are still in high school and they’re... (more »)
How To Turn Your Hobby Into A Dream College... This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Finding pages full of statistics about perfect ACT scores, GPAs, and incredibly impressive extra-curriculars when you research how to get into a 20 university can put a damper on any eager applicant’s excitement. But I believe that you can get... (more »)
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Today What We Lack Is Patience
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In Ahmedabad in Region of Naroda , last place of the general public , there was full hush in the house , on normal crevices individuals were assembled and stand out sentence was heard in that full quiet with a sound of blame in his voice " I... (more »)
10 Memorable College Email Subject Lines
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1. I haven’t forgotten about you (Iowa State University) Oh thank God. I was so worried. 2. Opportunity Knox (Knox College) This tagline rockx. 3. High-Five a Priest (University of Dayton) Sign me up for that. 4. Hogwarts +... (more »)
Break the Stigma
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It’s pretty clear that our educational system is flawed. But is that clear in all of the right ways? I could pull up a bunch of studies and meaningless numbers that rank our public schools against those of other countries. I could talk about... (more »)
Top Tools for the Next Generation of College...
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Every generation of college freshmen has many advantages over the previous one. The justification of such statement comes in the form of many new online tools, websites, and apps that are meant to make a student’s life easier. New resources... (more »)
Should College players Get paid
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The huge amount of money colleges are making on their sports teams has led some to question whether student-athletes should get paid for their efforts on the court. The NCAA basketball tournaments, or "March Madness," have become a... (more »)
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“Can I have a word with you?” I asked her hoping that whatever the reason she is upset with me will evade. I held a hope with me that things will be normal again. But boats with no sailor drown no matter however the crew tries to control it.... (more »)
A Defense of YA Fiction
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Good day, Michigan Daily readers. I’d venture to guess that if you read this student newspaper, you probably read other things too. You know, books. Maybe even a few novels. Within these few novels, perhaps you’ve dipped your literary toe into... (more »)
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Grades in fourth grade?
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As many of you may have heard, the debate about grades in fourth grade has been wilder lately. Is it good or bad for our ten year olds to live with the stress of grades? Don’t you think kids in their age should be studying peacefully instead of... (more »)
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