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A Depressing Ally or a Foe?

April 27, 2018
By Philiac BRONZE, Querétaro, Other
Philiac BRONZE, Querétaro, Other
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Have you ever wondered how is it that creative people have such an affinity for revolutionary, new and unique ideas? About a certain characteristic that most of them have but people never cared to notice until recent years? Well my friend, it is the so-called connection between these certain people and mental illnesses that cut the cake for this so-called mystery.

Mental illnesses have turned little by little into a kind of crisis in today’s society, impossible high amounts of stress and digital media being two of the factors for this crisis of ours. There also being some other physical and genetic factors that strongly contribute to said thing which are often controlled by medicine, most of the time. But what do they have to do with creative people you say? To say the least, it has been confirmed by field studies and polls that most of the people within say creative group have showed a higher percentage of presenting a mental illness, such as depression and anxiety disorders, than that of the people that weren´t as creative. Though, that doesn´t mean these "normal" people don’t feel or suffer from any of these, they actually just find themselves recovering way faster than those who are creative.


Psychologists haven´t really reached a concrete answer to what makes or creates what, they all have shown a focus towards what we call rumination. Rumination being a mayor factor to the people who constantly create, as you can´t obviously have an idea, or at least a concrete and grounded idea. This is exactly when our unwanted hosts, the illnesses, take the cord and give out mind a tug. By this I mean the one characteristic about rumination that these illnesses seem to skyrocket, the simple fact about thinking about one’s own survival, hence making our mind concentrate on those memories which have painful experiences instead of thinking about the good and pleasant ones. This is also backed up by a really curious fact that states that  states that “some studies have shown that the brain acts in similar ways when being creative and when mentally ill”. Furthermore, it has also being shown that most of the revolutionary figures, such as Charles Darwin and Michelangelo, have had symptoms that could easily catalogue them in one of many mental illnesses by today’s standards.

With all of this said, what do you think it would be like to live in these particular people’s shoes? Being quite a creative and artistic person myself, I can say without a doubt that having a massive number of accumulating concepts and ideas inside your head without the strength to make them a reality, can become little by little an eternal loop of never ending suffering and pain.

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