Who Am I?

September 21, 2017
By KHavili BRONZE, Sacramento, California
KHavili BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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Like the branches of a tree,
Our lives may go in different direction our roots remain as one.

Who am I? I am Kingitoni. I am a student in High school. I am Christian. I was born in February 8 2003. I am from East Palo Alto, I lived there for 10 years.  Then moved to Sacramento in 2012. I live in a house with my mom, dad,  brother, and 3 sisters.

As I go through my life, two things are important to me, church, and family. Most things in my life, I turn into a competition. It changes how I think and makes me want to work harder to be at the top. Things I like to do with my free time is play video games, football, basketball, art, and reading.


Football has been my favorite sport for a long time. It's has taught me a lot of valuable lessons, like if you're not prepared, the Earth isn't going to stop rotating just to wait for you to catch up. It also taught me that life is real. The struggle and the grind.


Church has played a very big role in my life. The preacher has always been the best teacher for me. Everything in Bible teaches me the most valuable lessons. Like to never look down to anybody just because they don't look or do as good as you because people can always surprise you.


All things in my life, all the mistakes and  the hard work teaches me more and more valuable lessons.

The author's comments:

This is my first attempt at a college essay. I want to go to Standford University

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