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What Might Happen if God Said Yes to Every Prayer?

November 11, 2016
By 4teenliars BRONZE, Greater Manchester, Other
4teenliars BRONZE, Greater Manchester, Other
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What might happen if God said yes to every prayer? Any prayer said anytime of the day. There are positives and negatives to this. So, you would have people who would abuse the system. Furthermore, you have people who would think about what prayer they are going to say because every prayer that people direct to God will get a yes. Many people will see this as having an unlimited supply of wishes. Instead of three, you have as many as you want. This is today discussion “what might happen if God said yes to every prayer”

“Dear God, please help me get home safely tonight”

This is to me is a common prayer. You are asking God to help you. Many people pray to God asking for help. Or forgiveness

“Dear God, forgive me for the sins I have committed today”

This to me is also a common prayer. It is not selfish and you are trying to make yourself a perfect person. Which I do not see the harm in that. These types of prayer are said in religious buildings. Not just in Christianity.

Muslims and many other religions ask for forgiveness. I personally think that if God said yes to these “common” and “not selfish” prayers there would nothing wrong. Furthermore, no-one is getting hurt. Emotionally or physically. The only problem is that if people start to find out that God says yes to everything and anything. The abuser comes in and abuses the system. Overuse and destroy the meaning of prayers. When something gets destroyed it is very had to fix it.

The “abuser” ‘s prayer would say

“Dear God, I want to be millionaire so give me money to make me it”

This prayer is selfish and it does not affect anyone yet. Because if every time you ran out of money and you said this prayer. How would you learn to look after and spend money? Moreover, how would you learn to live within your means? Eventually, you would become a very unhappy and greedy person. Because with all the money in the world you cannot have everything. For example, you cannot buy love with £1 million. Thus, if God said yes to that prayer would get depression patients would rise and more people would become arrogant. If more people are arrogant the world will become an unsafe place. My reason people will be saying prayers like this
“Dear God, can you get rid of my sister because she is so horrible and causes me to be a mean person thank you”

This prayer is selfish. Which obviously means that the prayer has no thought. Because they are wishing for death. Once you die you do not come back. One day you hate your sister then the next you love her and forget everything mean she has ever done to you. Moreover, when it comes to human lives and wishing for death you only have one chance. Imagine if everyone wished death upon each other. Who would live the tale of when God said yes to everything we said.

The idea of God saying yes to every prayer we say is ridiculous because God is the cleverest spirit to live. God knows how humans act than me writing this paper. In conclusion, it is something we should not think about as if he did do that. The world would become unsafe and mess. Which God would not enjoy undoing the mess he has created. Hopefully, this paper gave you an answer if not I am sorry and I will try harder next time.

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I enjoy writing papers where i can look at both sides to the argument and show the sides and then make my own decisions.This was for Religious studies class my last paper got a level 7.Which is very high for a year 8.

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