Top Tools for the Next Generation of College Freshmen

June 26, 2014
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Every generation of college freshmen has many advantages over the previous one. The justification of such statement comes in the form of many new online tools, websites, and apps that are meant to make a student’s life easier.

New resources keep coming up, so you may get a bit confused if you started exploring them all. The best place to being is the list provided below.

When you realize that a great part of your limited budget will be spent on textbooks, you will surely appreciate this website that enables you to save up to 90% on studying materials by renting them for a specific period of time.
To find an even lower price for the books you need, you should check out – a website that enables you to compare prices and find out where you can get the needed edition for the lowest price.

When you get into college, you are already prepared to study a lot. But are you ready to spend endless hours being stuck with difficult writing assignments? College freshmen rarely expect that part of their studies to be that challenging. However, essay writing help site Ninja Essays will always be there to help during hard times.
Whenever you find yourself unable to deal with a particular paper or assignment because of lack of time, interest, or any other reason, you can hire professional assistance at this website and get perfect content just in time. At the website, you can get help with all fields of study and all types of academic content, starting from simple essays and book reviews to complete research papers or even dissertations.

Move-in day is always stressful. Most freshmen don’t realize that the room they will spend the year in can be made much more enjoyable with a little imagination. If you don’t have an idea what to do with your dorm room, you can get it at this website.
The website will provide you with a 3D model of your dorm room before you move into it, so you will be able to plan how to decorate it before the first, stressful day at college. If your college participates in the program, then you will definitely appreciate using this tool. The best part is that you can order affordable furniture at the website and get it delivered directly to the room.

IBringing a car on campus is a huge responsibility and requires maintenance. Zipcar is an awesome service that enables you to get a car on campus whenever you need to make a quick trip to the store and you don’t feel like using public transportation. The gas and insurance are included in the price, so you can actually save money with your zipcard when you compare the costs to maintaining your own car.

Hundreds of campuses in the USA enable you to rent a car through this program; all you need to do is get an annual membership and pay a low hourly rate when you want to get wheels.

Budgeting your money while in college can be really challenging. Instead of learning how to balance an actual checkbook or planning your budget with the conventional methods, you can make things easier with the help of Mint app. As soon as you start using it, you will be surprised to discover that you actually have some inner budgeting and managing skills. This app will help you organize your budget, manage your debt and keep track of all daily expenses you make.
Make the transition easier with the right apps!

College freshmen don’t have it easy. They have to build an entirely new life from the ground up, since they start living and studying in a completely new environment that’s difficult to adapt to. However, you can make the transition much less stressful with the help of the right online tools and apps. Start using them today and prepare yourself for the new stage of your life.

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