Aunt Karen Legacy

April 7, 2014
By Chases BRONZE, Durham, North Carolina
Chases BRONZE, Durham, North Carolina
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For my Legacy Presentation I interviewed both my Aunt Karen and my Mom but I started with my Aunt first. I first asked about how her work was and i asked if she liked her job or if she really didn't like her job because i mean its a job and is that job a hascle to her. She told me “ I love what i do and sense i love what i do it doesn't seem like a job to me.” That really shocked me because i didn't think that people liked to get up early and go to work i mean nobody wants to work but i guess since it is something she likes shes fine with it. I asked her why do you like cutting hair so much and why does it matter to her. She said “ When i was about 9 years old i remember getting a bad haircut and i thought to myself if i wanted something then i guess im gonna have to do it myself.”

She had from that day on out wanted to be a hair stylist she said she didn't want to just be a barber but she wanted to be a stylist because it pays better and is just her thing she likes to do. If i ever need my hair cut i will always go to her because she does it for free and it looks good. Sometimes i will even go in to her place and just hangout and talk to her all day long. She tells me about all of her times in her trade school and how it was with her friends. She tells how she always wanted to be a cosmetologist when she grew up and she finally got to.

When she was 9 she grew up in Oil City,Pa with 2 sisters and 1 brother. She told me that she got her first bad haircut in Oil City so went through HS and instead of going to college she went to a trade school which is made for people wanting to be cosmetologists. She said that she even thinks that trade school is harder than any other school or college. She thinks this because she saw my mom’s work and in trade school you have lots of homework. My mom said to me “ Me and my sister always argued about which was harder but I still think college is harder”. My Aunt still today cuts hair in Durham and also cuts my hair.

For my last ending question i asked my aunt what she thinks that her legacy is. She told me that she thinks that it is “My Mom always told me to work for what I want and that you will appreciate that item that much more knowing that you worked for it”. I think this is her legacy because i always work hard at everything that i want anything from sports to just board games. Me and my brother both hate losing to each other because then it shows that that person is better than you. I never want to be told that someone is better than me at something it makes me want to be better and work harder if i'm told that. It can be a good thing or it can be a bad thing but I hate losing. That runs in our family from my mom to me and my brother.

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