Choosing a Major

April 10, 2014
One experience that demonstrates my ongoing commitment to inquiry, reflection, and the discovery of knowledge is the process of choosing a major. My mother is a general dentist and as any mother would love to see her office stay in the family. Throughout school I strived for high marks and attaining as much knowledge in the math and scientific field as possible. I took biology, chemistry, advanced placement chemistry and a physical science course in the scientific realm. Since eighth grade I have been taking honors or advanced placement math classes including algebra one and two, geometry, pre-calculus and advanced placement statistics. While taking a variety of math and science classes I also had the desire to take some special courses related to English and writing. During high school I took honors and advanced placement English courses, creative writing and I also took an English class at a local college. After writing some required essays and gaining broad support from those who read my work I began to realize how much I really loved writing.
As a result of taking a variety of classes and reflecting on the inspiration I am able to draw from various topics I have chosen my major. English inspires me, and the idea of analyzing and reporting excites me. I am glad to say that I will be attending Temple University in the fall with journalism as my declared major.

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