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put the heat in cheat but u I defeat

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Hey, Hey, you, you know you’re a hypochondriac. You say you like me then you twist your words around. Why you got to be so mean, I thought you felt the same. Put you on the train tracks. A heart you be lacking; it's a shame (shame) Love ain't a game so stop being a player (player). Yes, you put the heat in cheat but it's you that I beat. (oh!) But you'll never know (no!) Put you on the train tracks, cause we bring sexy back boy, learn you facts, Time for you to learn how to act. It's gonna be real bad. You make me real sad. Gonna make me real mad. Yes, you put the heat in cheat, but me you cannot defeat. You, try to flow with the flow. But your love don't grow, all you do is for a show. I keep these crazy beats coming so you, take a seat while I be drumming! (oh!) Everything good you be lacking; therefore, yo better get to be packing! Go!!!! Since yo put the heat in cheat, man, I ran from yo. I don't care what yo, do! I got to a new man, at least he ain't fake.

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