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Man's Leap Forward

July 21, 2013
By MohsinNaeem16 BRONZE, Lucknow, Other
MohsinNaeem16 BRONZE, Lucknow, Other
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The world around us is changing at a great speed.The era of Science and Technology boom has just arived only two decades ago,it was unimaginable what we perceive today.With the passage of time the changing world is gaining momentum.In the field of telecommunication,we are amazed to see that each and every corner of the world has been connected with mobile network ,firstly it was 2G and now with 3G.Laptops,tablets,android mobilephones have linked us literally with each and every soul on the surface of the world .Now we have got round-the-clock banking,home shopping, e-ticketing and what not. Now we have all the libraries,newspapers and magazines in our pockets.The satellites orbiting round the world can show us any event happening anywhere on the surface of the earth anytime we wish to know.
On the other hand we see a sea of change in living style of people in parts of the world.Means of communication,roads,airlines all have drastically changed.Cars,bikes,trains and aeroplanes are now equipped with latest technology,which not only give them faster speed but also make them safer and comfortable .
On the food front now the plants with genetic engineering are producing more crops,fruits and manufacturing materials.This leading towards eradication of poverty and famine.The consumer goods are in plenty and are becoming affordable to common people.Everything seems to be perfect for the progress of mankind except for the fear of exploitation of natural resources with greed,without giving an intelligent thought,which may bring about a total disaster to our environment and hamper the growth of scientific revolution

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