Being Normal?

April 7, 2013
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Normal: Conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected

Special: Better, greater, or otherwise different from what is usual

What’s normal? And what’s special? What makes one person to be different than others and what makes one person to be define as the same as the rest? Is every person special or are they just similar to each other. I used to have this belief that I’m special, one of a kind, better, greater. I used to define myself as special. But sometimes I lose grip of that belief and confidence and I realize that I am no different from others, that I’m just someone who can be unnoticed and forgotten. Sometimes I find myself being typical enough to not leave a particular special footprint on others’ memories. When it comes to graduation, I’ll just be the one that is the boy from that class or that classmate or schoolmate; I won’t get to be remembered by my name or something that I did. So, if I think that I’m still special, you’ll probably say heck no.
Remember that boy in the class who is the class clown? Or that debater that always challenges the teacher about their point of view? Or that popular hot guy or girl that everyone wants to go near? Well, what makes them so special that everyone thinks of them whenever they mention high school? I got an answer, it’s because they are special, and they have something that others don’t. Do you feel how unfair it could be when one person can has so much attention and is good at many things? I know, part of us want to be that guy or girl that gets the attention and anything they do or say can bring so much unnecessary laughter when it is actually not funny at all or even people listening carefully to what they say so they don’t miss a word coming out from their mouth. Are they special actually? And are you not?
There are times of highs and lows. When we are feeling down, we feel like crap, we feel hopeless and worthless like a paper, a waste paper. But have you turn the waste paper around and see what is behind? It could be something; it could be a drawing, graffiti, portrait, essay, poem, or a design of a future car or even a few sentences that says the simplest idea of how the world can be a better place to live. The tiniest detail of a person may be the greatest ultimate thing that brings him to succeed. But we often overlook it, and think that we are normal.
There was once my teacher asked us to write about our strengths and weaknesses. I could not believe that I can’t think of my strength. I think I am determined but well I have been procrastinating for a few years before learning how to swim, hardworking? No...but then I realized these are just normal characteristics, I think of myself being special so I’m trying to think of something that is special but I came up with nothing. I was struck; I could not believe that I don’t know what I’m good at. Is that true that the hardest thing in life is to understand ourselves? I was told in order to understand yourself you have to understand others more. If that is why then I guess I have found the reason. But seriously do you really see nothing when you look at yourself in the mirror?
So are you normal? Or am I normal? Well I don’t think that human can be normal, with all the variations going on, that’s impossible to be normal. God made each and every one of us special and perfect. Is that just we are too lazy to explore ourselves or we dare not look into our deepest side and learn the truth about ourselves? I believe all of us are special, no matter how people judge us to be “normal”. People do not define who we are, we define ourselves. The thing is to be special we do not need to be the one that gets attention; we just need to stay true to ourselves and bring out the best from us. So get out from your comfort zone and practice your tiniest strength so that it evolves to be your greatest. Stop overestimating while daydreaming, because you won’t see yourself achieving something. Last but not least, don’t ever pretend to be someone but pretend there’s a chance right now and start grabbing it.

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