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March 18, 2013
By RahulVerma GOLD, Hardoi (U.P.), Other
RahulVerma GOLD, Hardoi (U.P.), Other
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As we all know, due changes in technology and increase in knowledge, peoples are becoming intelligent and educated. They are capable to know that what is correct and what is incorrect ?In democracy peoples have right to choose their representatives. They have right to take information about their country. In the democracy some leaders try to cheat with the citizens. After becoming the leader they forget their promises and think that they are very powerful but they forget that “UNITY IS THE BIGGEST POWER IN DEMOCRACY”. If the citizens follow the way of unity then they can make the leaders able to complete their demands.

Imagine the situation when the crowd of peoples is angry and saying ‘COMPLETE OUR DEMANDS’ and if leaders say ‘I WILL’ then the crowd start throwing the stones, eggs, tomatoes, etc. on the leaders.

This situation create a fear in the leaders heart . All the citizens should take a decision that they will choose the leader who would think about this country and not for only himself. ‘THE SELFISH LEADERS CAN NEVER MAKE THE COUNTRY IN PROGRESS’. The citizens should be same as “Honey Bee”. A Honey Bee shows peace until it is not angry but when it becomes angry it harm us. The Honey Bees always show the ‘UNITY’. They always walks in groups, make their home in groups, attacks in group , it means they do many action in groups. Hence they are the symbol of ‘Unity’.

Similarly , citizens should follow the leaders and if the leaders do not work as citizens wants then the citizens should act as ‘Honey Bee’. When Honey bee bite us then we use medicine. Similarly, if the citizens try to take any action against the leaders they the leaders start to do some good works to show off that they have changed their minds but after sometime they again start work as they were previous. So, peoples should try work in unity because the most important thing in democracy is “The unity as Honey Bee.”Hence, Peoples should try to put their demands with unity.
"The citizens unity,
will create fraternity."

The author's comments:
This article is based on the power of citizens that what they can do.

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mohit said...
on Apr. 17 2013 at 4:50 am
well written! It is very good.


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