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Just...Not : How to deal with college rejections

March 16, 2013
By Yelly SILVER, Abuja, Other
Yelly SILVER, Abuja, Other
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The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain neutrality in times of moral crisis.

It's a dreadful time for all students: the underachievers, the slackers, the jocks, the "mean girls," the overachievers, those recently diagnosed with senioritis. It's the time when you find out what you're going to be doing for the next four years of your life. Either playing in a college football team or taking over your dad's garage. Either getting into the school of your dreams or just...NOT. I'm 16 turning 17 later this year and I'm an achiever. I'm an overachiever sometimes but mostly an achiever. And...sometimes in the case of any topic regarding physics, an underachiever. Today I was just...NOT accepted into the University of Chicago. I was deferred from early action which I suppose is a plus but it doesn't help the excruciating blow to my self¬-esteem and the terrible sting of rejection. I'm sure they felt all accomplished with their "I regret to inform you" and their "This year we had the strongest pool of applicants bladidiblabla and so we couldn't offer every worthy applicant a place...." I'm sure felt their choice of words would make me feel better but it didn't so I had to figure out my own way of coping. So, here we go.

Stage 1: Depression. This is pretty self-explanatory. Just frown and maybe cry. Tell yourself whatever shitty things you want that'll make you cry until you have no tears left.

Stage 2: Find someone to complain to. I actually googled "University of Chicago rejectees" and found a site where people just...said their minds. It was like an alcoholics meeting for rejects. "My name is Omayeli and I was rejected from the University of Chicago." There was the callous damning of that wretched admission decision letter that basically screamed the most hackneyed break-up line "It's not you, it's me," and various statements why the University of Chicago should suck it. I'm pretty sure that site is gone now.

Stage 3: Anger. This is when you just throw out curses at the university, all the people that got accepted, the admissions committee and anyone you could possibly blame for your rejection. I personally cursed my school, then the admissions committee then the plethora of Asians with their 2400s and faster-than-a-calculator brains that made up the "strongest pool of applicants" the university has ever seen. After that, I started conceiving a plan to get my revenge. (That's still in the works.)

Stage 4: Resignation. Take in all the FACTS and believe them. 1) That you did your best (If you actually did) 2) You are an amazing person and for all you know they make think so too just other factors were at work. I for one know that my essays were the shizznit. Like fo' real. 3) There is a pretty huge chance that you'll still be successful. 4) If you know that you honestly would have gave it your all, know that they lost a valuable student. 5) The world is not over. Many billionaires are just high school graduates or even dropouts. You can even start you own school like in that movie with what's-his-face....Justin Long.

Stage 5: Pray. God's got you covered. Whether there's another school you're hoping to get into, or there's none at all, never underestimate the power of a prayer.

P.S: Please don't comment on my statement about Asians. I do not believe in stereotypes. Also, I love UChicago. I did think it was the school for me. I have no plans for revenge. This is not to be taken too seriously. Also, it's dangerous to just do a stage. If you start it, finish it.
And I just saw this somewhere..." "When you're in the dough,fax the colleges that denied you a copy of your rejection letter every day -- letting them know just how badly they screwed up."

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