Fly On The Wall: A Little Sister's Opinion On Applying for College

September 12, 2012
By mem14 BRONZE, Darien, Connecticut
mem14 BRONZE, Darien, Connecticut
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Although I myself have not yet formally started the application process, my two older sisters have. I like to think that my sideline view on the chaos and stress of getting into college has given me a deeper understanding. My oldest sister is currently studying at Dartmouth. Although she still hadn’t decided where she wanted to go, even when her classmates had what seemed like their entire future planned out, I am glad she waited, considered her options, and choose Dartmouth. Dartmouth College is a perfect for her, which I believe is the most important part. You’re going to be living there for the next for years, so you better enjoy it. Make sure there are classes you would enjoy, the town is nice, and the student body is amiable. And, remember to always keep your mind open and don’t freak out if you didn’t get accepted into your top choice. There are plenty of colleges in the sea.

For the past four years of my life dinner table conversation has consisted almost solely of college. First, it was the application process, then it was the most nerve-wracking part… waiting for that envelope in the mail. Next it was talking about your future life at whatever college you chose, and even after your gone, still the conversation revolves around you being at college. I thought I would have a break in between my two sisters, who are three years apart, but the evening prattle has just made a loop, and is echoing the same conversations we had years ago. By the time I start the application process I will be able to recite it by heart.

I’m going to give you a peace of advice that you’re not going to hear that often. Relax. You might not get into the colleges you want, but I’m sure you will get into a college, any college. Just remember that you decide what course your life takes. If you think your going to be miserable, you will be miserable. But if you are open to new things and look for fun, you are going to have a blast. We’ve all heard it said that college is the best four years of your life, so make the most of it.

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