Nothing Stays!

July 13, 2012
By manahil SILVER, Abudhabi, Other
manahil SILVER, Abudhabi, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"where there is a will; there is a way"
"every failure is another chance to begin again more efficiently"

"I never thought you would leave this place",spoke a deep voice as i turnrd to look,standing a distant was my dear friend."I knew this had to happen,we cant

always be together you know"i said as collected the pile of assignments we were working on,for that instant, i didnt seem to bother at all,what worried me was the

next day of our International GCSE board exam ,i had been burning the midnight oil to succeed with good grades but at that very moment i felt as it would never

end,i wondered how it would feel like,whether i would make it or not,all these thoughts kept me worried and disturbed.
The days of exams are surely the longest in ones life,my days were the longest as i hardly remember a day i ever slept,i wanted to give my strength a greatest push

and like every exam given student i get the nightmares of the result day.
The 2 months of summer break never seem to pass,there is simply no more height to the boredom one could feel.what hurts the most is the feeling you get when you

have to leave behind a place where you spent all your life in,At this very moment the sounds of the my best friends voice still echos at the back of my head,i never

really thought i would leave too,home is where you heart belongs .its hard but you got to leave this foriegn land one day.Its hard to leave a place where you have

grown up but is harder to leave behind all of those wonderful people you spent most of your time with,with time we all have to admit that nothing is ever

permanent,the hards days do pass and what we once dread the most,yet indeed stays in your memories

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