Vibrant Colors

March 26, 2012
By LoveWriting4evr BRONZE, Bellevue, Iowa
LoveWriting4evr BRONZE, Bellevue, Iowa
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The sun sets over the horizon with many beautiful colors that reflect over the ocean. The fluffy white clouds give pattern to the sky, putting different shades of light on the water. The many colors seen in the sky reflect the many different shades of pinks with oranges on the ocean. The waves move through the water, soon to crash down on the shoreline.

The once fluffy white clouds start to shape into dark, rolling clouds of thunder as a storm steadily approaches. The colors in the sky turn to darker shades of angry red. The waves grow bigger, gobbling up any ships that happen to cross their angry paths, making their way to the shore to swallow up the land.

As the storm finally starts to disperse, the colors in the sky return to beautiful vibrant pinks, along with various oranges. The clouds return to their light, fluffy shapes, though they start to disappear, making the sky even more vibrant with new shades of color, such as gorgeous violets. The waves calm, returning to their prior state of lapping at the shore with quiet gentleness.

As the storm ultimately passes, the people of the island step out of their homes to enjoy the amazing sunset provided to them. They stand on the beach, sinking their feet in the sand, the ocean lapping at their feet. Some bring with them chairs to sit and better enjoy the most beautiful sunset seen by anyone on the island.

The author's comments:
Sunsets are the most peaceful thing on Earth. I love just sitting outside and enjoying the beautiful colors the setting sun creates.

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