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February 16, 2012
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It comes in many forms. It seems to seek you out when you have the least of patience, rudeness is all around you. You see it a lot around this time of year, when colorful lights are being strung on to houses, non- inanimate and sometimes living objects. It happens when the man dressed up in red and green ringing the bell outside the store for donations and is returned with a gum wrapper dropped in his bucket. You can find it in the Christmas sales on black Friday when two old women are beating each other with clothes hangers trying to get the last scarf. Sometimes it’s easy to see someone and say “That guy’s a jerk!” and sometimes you’re lying in bed that night thinking you just got played out of your mind. It’s not always easy to see the intensions that lie in people. That’s why you should be aware of the different types of rude people and how to deal with them.

Cant’-See-Past-My-Nose Rude:
There’s always that one person (at least) in class or at work that has the Can’t-See-Past-My-Nose personality. That person will walk up to a group of people-usually in a dramatic or noticeable entrance- and interrupts whoever is speaking with “You will never guess what I did this weekend!” Then continue to brag about everything that happened. Slowly people start to drift away until there’s only one person who is cornered and nodding meekly. This rude is difficult to adjust to because no matter what is said to her, she will make it so she is the center of the story again. She can’t seem to see others point of view and feels entitled to anything suggested. HOW TO DEAL: When you are the one that is cornered nodding meekly, don’t panic. There is an escape. First off let them talk! Once everything is out of their system then move on step 2, pause, give a short note of understanding but do not give them feedback. NEVER PUT ANYTHING OUT THERE. Step 3 is simply saying a short direct dismissal and walking away.

No matter how old you are… there is always someone older than you. Everyone has had that glorifying moment where your parent is yelled at by their parent. Reality set’s in that no one is perfect but there’s always that one person that demands respect for the sole purpose that they are older than you. These type of people are generally the ones that have no lives/career choice with higher authority/ or just live on putting other people down. Now you should always pay respect to your elders, but you don’t exactly have to make your children wear khakis, sweater vest and attend private schools because your Mother-In- Law doesn’t think you are capable of raising proper children. HOW TO DEAL: With stern but respectful tone… Prove them wrong! Avoid making personal opinions but back up what you say with facts. Also sometimes talking just won’t cut it. Show them through your ACTIONS.

This is probably the most common rude people that inhabit the world. This is because for some reason, after you have known a person for so long suddenly boundaries and personally space doesn’t exist anymore. You best friend will come over to your house; unlock your door with your carefully hidden key. Walk in, throw their coat on the stair railing, pick out a snack and watch your TV until you come home from work. Then when you are with them, manners aren’t needed anymore. In the middle of a conversation they will burp, fart, or eat the food off of your plate with dirty fingers while you are eating it. HOW TO DEAL: Resist the urge to invest in guard dog, do invest in alarm systems and pocket sized disinfectant or Febreze. Also if they are your friend is may be suitable to be brutally honest and speak out saying “That’s disgusting!” if in a situation per say is a blind date or someone you don’t know very well temper down the insults with statements like “That’s really inappropriate.” And if that is still too much, direct attention towards yourself by saying “I don’t appreciate when you (fill in the blank).”

Now-That-I’m-Here-You’re-Stuck-With-Me Rude
In general these are the people that make the one night stay and one week stay, or month! Perhaps a relative, friend that isn’t quite stable and on their feet yet, or someone you just met. He will agree to sleep on your couch but slowly you notice washing more and more of his clothes. You will find yourself giving him an allowance and if not he will guilt trip you reminded you of everything he did for you in your time of need. Guilt trips are his specialty. But when you start receiving his mail it’s time to bring out the boot. HOW TO DEAL: Call him out! Simply just saying “I feel like you are trying to guilt trip me.” will have him back peddling. Or if you want him out of your house, find an appropriate time and place and politely give him a date to move out. Hold back from announcing it at the dinner table.

I-Don’t-Have-Kids-So-I’m-Going-To-Pretend-You-Don’t-Either Rude
Remember your old college buddy that used to bring you to all the biggest party? We’ll she’s in town and wants to have a girls night out! Well that would be perfectly fine except you work a 70 hour week, have 2 children and a stay at home husband. I-Don’t-Have-Kids-So-I’m-Going-To-Pretend-You- Don’t-Either people are dangerous, and recommended to avoid completely. But since this article is how to handle situations and not how to run away, take these precautions when around these people. HOW TO DEAL: Plan out “timed” Dates and have an event to go to afterwards. That way if they insist you stay for a couple more drinks, excuse yourself by saying you have a meeting to go too. Do not invite these people to your house. And always drive in separate cars when going out with them.

Chris from Riverside Military Academy once said “Do not argue with an idiot, he will drag you to his level and beat you with experience.” It’s easy to take the low road and snap at a rude person for their behavior but is that really solving anything? The world is full of rude people, skilled in making people go crazy and yelling at him so bystanders will look at him like they are the unreasonable ones. With these tips hopefully you can keep your head and learn to live with the most difficult people.

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