The Essay MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   While I pondered weak and dreary

For this essay I had no theory.

With the deadline creeping near

All my thoughts were turned to fear.

I know, I will write a story,

Full of romance, fame, and glory.

How will I complete this task?

Maybe a story about the Mask!

No, no that would be idiotic,

And not even that exotic.

Maybe something with romantic bliss,

Ending with a passionate kiss.

"Oh, no!" I said, "That might be too racy."

"How about an adventure with Dick Tracy?"

"At last," I shouted with glee

And began to prance merrily.

How 'bout a story of a humble man

Who defeats an evil clan.

In China there lived a humble man

Of a Shaolin Kung Fu clan.

His enemies spanned far and wide,

All seeking to have his beautiful bride.

He was a true blue, loyal Boy Scout,

No camping ground could keep him out.

He knew a type of martial art

When fights broke out, he did his part.

His enemies were equally good fighters

As well as having no fear of spiders.

He thought of how he could beat them,

For he did not want to cheat them.

I will defeat them with my wits.

They are so dumb they'll have fits.

So when the two foes boldly met

The humble man did not even fret

For a college man was he, you see.

He did not even have to plea.

No mortal man he could not defeat,

If he thought quickly on his feet.

"Without college!" he explained,

"I might have been beat, even maimed."

The moral of the story is as such

Without college you'll lose touch.

So, go to college if you can,

Then you'll end up a triumphant man.

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i love this so much!


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