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   I was not looking forward to this day at all, I thought it would end up a boring waste of time. Obviously, I had no idea that this would be the day to change my entire life and outlook on the future.

I woke up that morning of Career Day with an overwhelming feeling of dread. On that day we are forced to go to four classes that we chose and sit through an hour of someone droning on and on about their job. It had been a very unpleasant day for me the previous year.

I fought the urge to roll over and return to dreamland and I dragged myself to school. After sitting through the first three classes I was ready collapse onto one of those horridly cold, hard desks and sleep forever. I trudged to the last class expecting the same meaningless nonsense and prepared for a nap. As soon as the woman started talking, I was immediately and surprisingly interested. She was an art therapist, and her job sounded like the most wonderful experience to me. It incorporated two of my favorite things - art and psychology. When the bell rangs, I was delightfully amazed at how fast that hour had passed.

I felt like a new person, I actually had a goal for the future now. It was the most delicious feeling in the world! I couldn't believe that for once I had actually gotten something out of Career Day, and even more than that, found my place in this confusing world. I was so glad that I hadn't rolled back over and missed this chance of a lifetime. v

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i love this so much!