A Quest For Higher Learning MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   In one year's time, from this isle I shall be journeying.

All, I'm told, for the sake of higher learning.

"This is your last year at home," my mother cries sentimentally;

I'll begin the next phase of my life, geographically if not mentally.

Aunts, uncles, friends and parents all ask me, "Where are you going?"

This, I feel, is my biggest grief; for I have no way of knowing.

True, I have every college book known to man,

Although I read each one all through I still don't know my future plan.

Even if I knew which one, I only have a very little while

to acquire all the components of a winning file.

Only three short months to get these perfect traits.

The right grades, family, hobbies, and scores,

not to mention my own philosophy on fate.

And the interview, that's a different story.

I hear they can be rather gory.

What is I shouldn't wear the right clothes, or have that look?

And I forgot to ask the guidance counselor what should be my favorite book?

I'm sure my interviewer will ask me what I want to do.

My honest answer: "I don't know, do you?"

Perhaps "President" is what I should say.

I guess it should be on my resum".

I'm told my decisions now will determine my situation later.

But perhaps I should be going for something greater.

They say get the right grades tog et into the right school.

All this so one day I can have the right house with a pool.

But when I choose a school, my new home.

I hope my reasons will be better than those just shown.

Right now my question remains, where am I going?

I hope that soon I'll find a way of knowing.

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i love this so much!


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