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   Entering college is a scary part of life for many seniors who decide to go. It is a time when we will leave our family and friends. We will have to learn to be more independent because our parents are not going to be there to help us with every problem. College students are on their own and have to learn to make decisions because there will not be anyone around to tell them what to do, or get them out of trouble. Decision-making will be a challenge and often requires help from those you trust. It may take some time to find someone who they can trust.

Adapting to a new roommate, the pressure of school life and a new environment all contribute to the adjustments that have to be made at college. We will meet and work with new people whom we may or may not like. That is all part of life and growing up.

After we put these new experiences behind us, some of us will adapt and enjoy the years of college, and possibly relocate permanently to the area where they attended college to live and work.

We begin to realize that after college we will enter the real world which is nothing like we thought it would be. v

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