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    Many people in high school cannot wait to go tocollege and leave their hometowns behind. I am one of those people.Questions arise, though, when it comes to all of the decisions involvedin choosing a college.

One of the first considerations may befinancial. State and public colleges are often the least expensive.Often, though, the better colleges are private and more expensive. It issad when gifted students cannot attend a college of their choice justfor financial reasons.

Another major factor is location. Whetherthe college is in a small town or large city can have a major impact onits activities. A water lover probably will be more comfortable spendingfour years near an ocean or lake. Those who cannot tolerate heat willprobably be more comfortable at a northern college. Distance from homemay also come into consideration. If family is a top priority, thatperson should stay close to home; on the other hand, if independence isdesired, a campus farther from home would be moreappropriate.

School size also plays a major role in the decisionprocess. If you want to get to know your teachers and avoid feeling likejust a number, a small college is suitable. For those of you whoconsider yourself a "people person" and want a wide range ofactivities, a large college is more fitting.

Your area ofinterest is another factor to consider in the decision-making process ifyou want to get the most from your education. The whole point of collegeis to learn what is of interest to you.

Finally, one must takeinto consideration the colleges to which you can realistically beaccepted. An Ivy League school for an average student would probably notbe a good match. Similarly, an average school for an above-averagestudent would not work well. The college should provide enough of achallenge for the student to work hard. Although there may not be theperfect college out there, there probably will be one that is close.Those who cannot find a suitable college are probably not looking hardenough.

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i love this !


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