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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

Teens -who are we? We're not kids anymore, but we aren't adults, like a caterpillar in acocoon turning into a butterfly, but not quite either. We all think everyone actsa certain way, and we think we are different if we don't act like it. But we areall different. We are all nerds, freaks, stupid, overconfident, not confidentenough, jerks, boring, annoying. We are all cool, interesting, exciting, smartand great at what we do. We don't see things, like a bug doesn't see the worldfor what it is. We all try to be each other until there is no one left toimitate. We are breaking away from our parents and our immature ways, but arestill half-connected to these things. The people who are trying to go to the nextstep in life think that is where they are supposed to be and are pressured to bethere and say everyone is like that. I say we have to be who we are. Why shouldothers live life for us? After all, we are the best at being us!

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i love this !