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     Over the years, one thought has been drilled into my brain: getting a good education. My parents believe this is worth more than riches and as the end of my high school career sneaks closer, I realize that my parents are actually right. A beneficial, worthwhile education means more than all the riches in the land.

Elementary and junior high were rather easy, thanks to a well-paved road of appropriate decisions and my personal need to strive harder and accomplish more. However, I’ve realized in my three years of high school that the attitude I had in junior high doesn’t quite work. Now, tests require hours of focused study to pass. Vocabulary lists cannot be cast out of my memory only to be retrieved for a quiz. Teachers expect more than just attendance and completed homework. My freshman year I focused on learning new study habits and attempting to receive a decent education. My dream then was to make it to senior year, somehow. Now my goals are set even higher than I first envisioned. Instead of daydreaming about the awesome party last weekend, I think about how I am going to succeed in my college classes and receive the best education possible.

“A good education can only better you, Amanda. Remember that,” my parents have constantly reminded me. They never failed when it came to pestering me with the concept. On the other hand, I don’t know if I would be where I am today if not for those constant reminders. My pursuit of the right college is a very important steppingstone through the river of life. I could not attempt to pursue my dream career, pharmaceutical research, without a college education. Finding a cure for life-altering diseases would be out of my reach. Even though developing such a remedy may be beyond my ability, I know that I am doing my part to better myself and others. Without a solid base, no one can reach beyond their wildest expectations. This solid base is composed of a strong education, and molded to fit individual ambitions. The possibilities are endless when one obtains an education.

Life could not be lived to the fullest without goals, dreams and ambitions. To fulfill these, I need a solid education. Spending a few years in school seems minor compared to what I will be able to achieve after college. My parents have done an exceptional job influencing me to continue the hard work and dedication necessary. However, these are only small steps toward achieving a goal. After all, I am determined to live up to my hopes by acquiring a good education.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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