By Farhiya Y., St. Paul, MN

     I was very fortunate to take post-secondary enrollment options (PSEO) classes at the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul while still going to high school. These classes really helped me prepare for my actual freshman year at art school.

CVA is a private college that is quite different from most art schools I’ve looked at, mainly because of its small class sizes and classic architecture. The location is very pleasant and quiet because it is in a residential area of Minnesota’s capital city. The main building is literally a mansion, which is really cool.

The professors are very wise and willing to help you each step of the way. The classes are rigorous but make you confident and well-rounded. I was very happy with how much the faculty cares about the students and how the student body itself has a voice. The art that is produced is quite amazing. CVA offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design/interactive, illustration, photography, and interdisciplinary art and design studies. Fine arts majors can concentrate in painting/drawing or sculpture.

Attending CVA as a PSEO student helped me evolve as an artist, shape my own style, and create a strong portfolio. Also, it helped me be very confident in going to art school because it gave me a good taste of the experience. Learn more at

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