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By Kayla Kambeitz, Macomb, MI

No one can see the future, and that is what makes it frightening. As a high school senior, my future is college. I’m so consumed with college stressors and the unknowns that the mere thought adds a 10-pound weight to my chest. However, after talking with some people I trust, I have learned some tips that can allow any senior to walk onto a college campus with confidence.

One of the first tasks is deciding on a roommate. Whether you enter with a friend or go in blind, the roommate decision is one of the biggest steps for a new college student. If you start to have problems with your roommate, speak up. Going to an administrator about a problematic roommate is simple and can ease stress.

Another issue is cleaning your room and bathroom. To avoid having to clean your own bathroom (if you have one), use the public dorm bathroom. However, take these words of caution: Always wear flip-flops in the shower, and don a robe when going to and from the shower to avoid awkward hallway incidents.

Campuses can be large. The first day or two can be quite daunting for any freshman. Knowing the general location of your classes will help.

A big fear of any senior who is leaving high school is the loss of friends. Everyone is going in different directions, and it feels it is unlikely that you will ever see them again. Keep in touch with those whom you are afraid to lose, and the feeling of loss will lessen.

One student gives this tip, “Be sure to make friends in all your classes so you always have someone to help you with your homework or study with. Hopefully, you will meet new friends.”

Holding true to your beliefs and morals in college can be a tough task. There are many people with new and, conflicting views. Standing up for your beliefs can earn you more respect than ridicule. It may seem tough, but you will be filled with pride when you keep your stance.

Students not only choose their morals but also their career path. Deciding what to do with the rest of your life is the main purpose of college. Take classes in the fields that interest you, and see if that is the right path for you. Finding a career could be as easy as finding something you like to do, but all too often we over-analyze a situation and turn it into a burden rather than a blessing. Most important, take classes you find interesting.

I would like to end with a tip given to me by my father, who knows the true meaning of hard work in college: “Balance, it’s all about balance! Enjoy school work, personal time, and part-time work.” Basically, keep fun, studying, exercise, and eating in check. An even balance between these four aspects of college will allow your college experience to fall nicely into place.

For many seniors, the idea of college is overwhelming. Decisions about where to go and what to study rule our lives. These tips may be helpful for those heading to college, but I believe that behind them there is an underlying message we must learn before stepping onto a college campus. We must be ourselves. That is the key to confidence in college. Like yourself by being who you are, and people will come to know and love you.

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