Its Time to Start Applying. Need Help?

January 11, 2010
By Jake Nagel BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
Jake Nagel BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
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Senior year has finally come and its time you submit your applications and start thinking into the future.
The majority of the students at Arrowhead look into a four year universities that look for a strong background for admission. Your strong background is best displayed by the best application you can make by not only a display of your academics and test scores, but your personal qualities as well.
Typically, four year universities like UW – Madison have applications that ask for statements and letters of recommendation. Statements are the essays you write freely to isolate why a university should accept you. Letters of recommendation are written by a selected teacher, staff member, or somebody that can distinguish you from the others to display a desirable character in you.

Writing the best statement is usually the hardest part in making an application, yet it is indeed important. According to the office of admissions at UW – Madison, “With 25,000+ qualified students applying for admission to UW–Madison each year, we cannot overstate the importance the statements play in our application review and decision-making process.”
If you need help with your writing skills, one great solution is to go to Its professional editors help students from all over the nation be admitted into several universities, and their ratings are phenomenal for essay editing.

One student quoted, “[My editor] really gave me the advice I needed to fine tune the details of my essay. He gave me invaluable criticism and suggestions that led me to turn my good essay into a great one. I also needed help with keeping my word count within a prescribed amount. I felt the service guided me to express myself more accurately and concisely.” This individual was accepted into Parsons College, a school for design.

Letters of recommendation are also highly recommended by universities. Any letter of recommendation may be the key to distinguishing yourself amongst others because it takes strong will to ask someone to write you a letter. So go out and ask the teacher of your choice to write a strong worded letter, and your application will be a success.

Overall efficiency in writing is one of many great qualities to have in college. Expressing yourself is the key to acceptance into the school of your choice.

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