May 12, 2009
Faceless men from all over the world
Praying on young people, mostly
Women and girls
It’s a disgusting thing to think about
But it’s true
Instead of sitting here we need to find out
What to do
It’s a situation we all need to discuss
Because if we don’t we’re just giving them another reason to
Give up
And it’s ridiculous how their abusers can be so
Ruthless and perverted
Hurting them in a way that makes them feel like they
Deserve it
It’s happening everywhere and anyone
Could be next
Amazingly these men risk it all for
They treat these women as if they have
Nothing to lose
And victims have no way to pick or choose
How their future will turn out
Or how they are going to overcome their doubt
Most of these women are blind to the fact that
They can escape
The tragic reality of being raped
Raped of their innocence, confidence, and rights
Raped of their power, strength and life
We can’t turn a blind eye, and pretend likes it’s
Not happening
All we have to do is understand to stop sex trafficking
To help these victims overcome the pain and stress
We all need to support theblindproject

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