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Salvage the Nights

April 10, 2018
By AGibson3 BRONZE, Charleston , South Carolina
AGibson3 BRONZE, Charleston , South Carolina
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Pieces of art can be similar in a vast variety of ways. The works of art, “All Night” and “Salvage the Bones” both portray women fighting another force that sets limitations on them in a certain way. These limitations pertain to pregnancy, fighting for what you believe it is right and overcoming obstacles.

Both Salvage the Bones and “All Night” portray similar themes. The main idea of these themes is a woman standing up to a limiting force. On page 204, … Esch decides to beat up Manny, the cause of a plethora of her problems. “I am slapping him, over and over, my hands a flurry, a black blur” (Ward). This demonstrates woman standing up to a force because Esch is fighting Manny, which might signify something more.  Another theme both Beyonce and Ward presents overcoming womanhood.

Another theme Ward’s Salvage the Bones and Beyonce’s All Night display is the theme of overcoming womanhood. In Beyonce’s “All Night” she shows pictures of her pregnancy, and how it has not slowed her down. While Beyonce’s “All Night” was playing, she added these images into her video. This demonstrates woman overcoming womanhood because Beyonce shows her fans of how her pregnancy, a common womanly practice, has not slowed her down. The last theme they both show is overcoming obstacles.

In Beyonce’s “All Night”, once again, her pregnancy itself was an obstacle. She also addressed common relationship obstacles that many women, including her, have to face daily. In Salvage the Bones, Esch survived a hurricane while pregnant with the rest of her family. “I will tie the glass and stone with string, hang the shard above my bed, so that they will flash in the dark and tell the story of Katrina,” (Ward, 255).

So, the overall main idea in both Salvage the Bones and All Night is woman overcoming a limiting force. The evidence of this in All Night is Beyonce’s lyrics and symbolism of her, herself overcoming obstacles while acknowledging other woman. In Salvage the Bones, Ward shows this constantly and the most symbolic moment is when she fought Manny, “beating up” all her problems. This demonstrates woman overcoming a limiting force because they both depict a woman overcoming something that is putting a pause on their goals or what they wish to achieve.

In conclusion, These two pieces can teach you a valuable lesson, a lesson of what woman in society might be going through every day. It is important to understand the theme to get a just of what is really being said behind the beautiful song and book is a beautiful message that is worthwhile. That woman go through much more than it seems.

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