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May 29, 2013
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College and Career

What is the possible college that fits me the best? Columbia University is the college I'm looking forward to. There are many challenges I need to overcome in order to get in. I think the best career that fits me after I graduate from college is teaching to become an elementary school teacher.

I 'm looking forward to Columbia University. According to the " Columbia University- SAT Scores, costs and Admissions Data" by Allen Grove, it states, “In order to get in you have to have SAT score with critical reading 670/780, math 700/790, writing 690/780. ACT composite 31/34, ACT English 30/35, ACT math 31/35, ACTS writing 8/10" (Grove). This shows that if I want to get in to Columbia University, these are the scores that I have to reach to. In order to reach it, I have to practice a lot for the SAT test. I have to remember the vocabulary in the SAT book and I have to try to talk people in English. According to the above article, “The tuition and fees is $45,209 book $1,040 room and board $11,020 and other expense is $1,858. So the total costs are $59,208” (Grove). This shows that after graduating from high school, everything costs a lot of money. Therefore, to go to college it's costs a lot of money. We have to do very good at college and get a very good grade. Then, I can get a good job.

Consequently, the total costs of Columbia University are very expensive. Therefore, we need to work hard to gets scholarship on financial aid to afford the tuitions. According to the “New York State Higher Education Corporation” it states, “the state's largest education grant program. Grant awards are determined by the student's family's combined. State and Federal taxable income. Eligible students must be enrolled full time at an accredited state college or University. Annual award amounts are capped at $5,000 per academic year"(Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor Elsa Magee). This shows that the students can depend on their parent’s income and the good grades get a scholarship of $5,000 per academic a year. There are many information about how to get scholarships for the program that student are in. You can look up the information at “New York State Higher Education Corporation."

I think the best career that fits me is teaching; becoming an elementary school teacher. Teaching is the best career that fit me because I like to get around with children and teach them many things. I have two younger sisters and I always like to teach them their homework. These are the reason why I like to become a teacher. According to the “Teacher College, Columbia University. Office of career services", "Every Aspiring K-12 educator can enroll in a four years bachelor's degree program in education to become a teacher" (Teacher College, Columbia University.). This shows that to become a teacher we have to a have four years bachelor's degree. Therefore, I'm looking forward to Columbia University because it is a four years college.

There are many things teachers have to know and should do. According to the “Teachers College, Columbia University", “Teach all academic core subjects using an interactive approach to ensure greater learning" (Teachers College, Columbia University). This shows that elementary teacher should let the students work together and do many project and group work. Because elementary students cannot concentrate on one things from eight o'clock in the morning to three o'clock afternoon. Therefore, teacher should let the students work together. According to the “Teachers College, Columbia University. ", “Utilize SDAIE strategies such as repetition, slower speech, visuals and graphic organizers to make content comprehensible for English language learners". This shows that all teacher should have patients when students doesn't listen, teacher have to repeat the sentence again. Teacher has to talk. Slowly with loud voice, so the students will understand better. Teacher needs many materials to teach students, so the students will not get boring with same teaching style.

In conclusion, my goal for my future is get into Columbia University. Later, I want to become a teacher surround by many kids. To become a teacher I have to know many things and I have to have patience with all the students. Being a teacher is a very hard career, but this is my goal. I will try my best to reach this goal.

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