Choosing a Military Life

October 14, 2011
Choosing a college to go to may be the most difficult thing to do in your young life. Moving to a new place, finances for college, and beginning your life as an adult, are three things that many soon-to-be college students have to think about. However, some would say that there are easier ways to deal with things like this. The Military has numerous benefits, and many reasons of why you should join. Though there is a certain way you should go through with joining.

Choosing the Military is a hard decision for anyone to make. Most people think that you are automatically going to go to war and fight on the front lines. However, in reality, the Military is much more complex than that. Once you graduate high school, you have a choice to either get a job right away, or continue schooling. Well it is the exact same for the Military. Once you graduate high school, you can either join the Military as an enlisted member, or, you can continue school for four years in college and join the Military as a commissioned officer. There is a major difference between an enlisted member, and a commissioned officer. Asides from the four year college degree, as an officer, you will have a much higher pay rate, more respect, and leadership opportunities.

So, let’s say you decide to go to college for four years. How are you going to pay for college? See early in the 1900s, many branches of the Military began to offer programs for college students, that allowed them to earn a four year degree, an officer commission, and a grant for college. I strongly suggest that anyone interested in the Military, definitely attend a college with a ROTC department for your branch of choice.

Many of the other benefits from joining the Military is that you get to travel extensively, go to college for free, and serve you country as a member of the Military. Though whatever you decide to do in life, don’t be forced to do it. Enjoy what you want to do and have fun. But also make sure that in whatever you do, you know what it is, the benefits, and the consequences, and the overall challenge level of it. The Military offers skills that are not given to everyone.

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