Miracle of love

January 28, 2011
By Anonymous

A story which happened in a dark scary night, the weather was tough and people were advised not to go out.
A man was driving carefully under the tears of the sky, on his way; he saw a bus station where three persons were waiting for the bus: his best friend, his lover and an old lady who was going to the hospital for cure. In the car, there were only two places, and unfortunately it was’t enough to take the three people, he also didn’t have any idea who to save, he looked at them for a short time giving his eyes to those of his lover who was going to marry her soon, and just after, he left the car, he gave it to his friend and asking him to drive the lady to the hospital and all these sacrifice just to remain close to the woman he adores who was also waiting for the bus.

At the end, every one of them was happy because that idea benefited and suited every one.

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