Name Piece

January 17, 2011
By Anonymous

He practiced all summer and dedicated his days to training. He felt confident about tryouts, but there was some doubt inside. Tryouts came and so did the nerves. Every shot and pass bullseyed on target, every defensive step was accurate, and with every sprint he strived for first. Even with the doubts in his mind, he excelled during this three day period. But when decision time came, he was unlucky.
She chatted to him, wanted to hangout, made the effort. Excitement and nerves flowed through his veins. He took her out, bought her dinner, and danced with her as the music surrounded them. They didn’t miss a beat enjoying each other’s company and they seemed to be perfect. He now waits by the phone, wondering how he thought she was different than the others; he knows it will happen again. He was unlucky.
Growing up, his brother surpassed everything and everyone that was in the way. His brother paved the way on video games as if the path and answers were on the screen. His brother dominated the field the second he put his cleats on and nothing brought this superstar down. His brother made anyone like him. He, unfortunately, was unlucky.
His name might mean gift—something that is loved when received, a surprise that is wanted—but that doesn’t describe his life. He somehow gets the short end of the stick and is forced to live with it. He can’t change anything because everything that stumbles upon him is out the blue, unpredictable, spur of the moment. Thirteen. A number known for its disastrous fate and fatal curse overwhelms him through sports and other activities. This number reminds him that ill-fated events may occur, but sometimes even the unluckiest have shot to become—lucky.

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