Why You Should Go To College

January 6, 2011
By tatortots BRONZE, Williams, Indiana
tatortots BRONZE, Williams, Indiana
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All through your high school career you have always been told to go to college. You take all the classes you are supposed to take to get in. You work your entire school career for college. You try to get into the best college there is, but do you know why you should go? Young people are often told they should go to college, but aren't told why they should go. There are many benefits of going to college that will last you a lifetime. One of the obvious reasons to attend college is to make more money, According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2007, 25-year-old, full time workers earned a median annual salary of $32,000 with a high school diploma compared with $53,000 with a bachelor's degree. Attending college will allow you to earn more money in your lifetime than someone who didn't go to college. Those who go for masters, doctorate, and professional degrees do even better. This is because people who have degrees have more job opportunities to get higher paying jobs. Since more and more jobs now require more than a high school diploma, having a college degree makes you look better to employers. When you attend college not only do you get a beneficial education but you learn how to be on your own. College is one of the best places to truly learn and feel the meaning of freedom. When you are at college, you will be living mostly on your own priorities. For many students, college is the first time they live away from home. This creates a great opportunity to meet different types of people and ave many brand new experiences that can make you a much wiser and wordily person. This will not only sharpen your mind, but also grow into a more responsible, sincere, and mature man/woman. Attending college is something everyone should consider. Higher salaries and freedom are not only the beneficial reasons to go. There are many positive reasons to go to college. There are no negative reasons to go to college. College will help you in the long run with whatever you do. Your future family will also benefit from this. If college doesn't seem like it will fit into your future plan, you should do more research. You might realize that college is the best thing you will ever decide to do.

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