Remember When ..

November 7, 2010
Remember when we were young and we thought college was a thousand years away?

Soon we were growing up, we heard the voices of higher education calling, we wondered if we would ever answer them.

Remember when you got your first letter of recommendation? Remember how it made you feel like any college would be proud to have you?

Remember when you were graduating middle school? How you wondered if all the rumors about high school were true or if they were exaggerated?

Remember being scared shitless of the seniors, feeling as though high school would never end?

Remember when you began sophmore year wondering if this year would be better then the last?

Remember when sophomore year flew past in a fury of fun, carelessness and hope?

Remember worrying so much for the SAT over junior summer?

Remember when you thought you would fly past junior year?

Remember when you studied harder then you had ever before for the SAT?

Remember when senior year cam around, faster then ever?

Remember applying for every college you could think of, praying that at least one would accept you?

Remember when you graduated, dipolma, best friends, rings, it's all a blur.

Remember when the college you had dreamed of sent you a letter . .

Remember when you got in?

Remember when you thought that this would be thousand year away?

Remember when you realizied it wasn't?

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