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October 15, 2010
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There are those people in this world you really know how to get on other peoples nerves: and do the one thing that is most frustrating. People who are unorganized, messy, and just plain rude about how they live in a public environment.

They tend to be the kind of people that are un-liked by roommates and that are looked at as being the least studious. When they leave their things everywhere it makes them seem like they don’t care about their stuff or their work. It doesn’t matter where they are or what they are doing they always somehow seem to leave a wake in their path. They can take over a whole room that’s not even there’s with their things, and never clean it up. It is so inconsiderate but they do not care about what other people think of them because they are used to being messy at home.

One of the biggest problems that I have with people who are messy is that they never take responsibility for their things. When you go and confront them about their stuff being out and making a mess; they just deny it and say it’s not theirs. Not only that they never clean it up, and when I need the place to be clean I have to go around and pick up after them so it doesn’t look like we live in a pig sty.

It doesn't mater how many times you ask the person to go pick up their stuff that’s sitting out and making it mess they never want to pick it up. They just say no it’s fine where it is its not making a mess, and they leave it there for someone else. It’s bad enough when they don’t clean up their own rooms, but when they don’t even clean up after themselves in the common room it takes it to a whole new level.

If you want to have a messy bed that’s fine but don’t make the whole suite messy with your crap. It doesn't take that long to pick up all the stuff that you brought out to do your project. It just really is annoying and pisses me off when there is stuff out everywhere. Sometime ill go around and pick up all of the stuff they leave out and take it into their rooms and throw it on their beds.

If you can’t pick up after yourself you should have to go to a class where you learn how to be responsible. Most people that are messy and don’t clean up after themselves are not responsible. If they get away with leaving their stuff out everywhere: then they think they can get away with other things to. It has a lot to do with the way that you were brought up at home, if you were made to clean your room your usually a clean person. If you were someone who had parents that didn’t care how your room looked chances are you don’t care how your room looks and u leave it a mess.

I think it comes down to ethics, because people who were raised to be neat and organized will always be that way and people that weren’t raised that way have to work to become organized. I was raised in a way that I believe makes me be someone who is very neat and organized. All my life I have had to keep my room clean and make sure that if I took something out I cleaned up after myself. In my house we all did choirs around the house keeping in all nice and neat. My dad was a Marine so he was trained to stay neat and clean and be as organized as possible. So having a father like him has translated down into me being a neat and organized person.

When someone is unorganized and not neat it tends to show up very quickly especially when living in a college type of situation. At first no one wants to show how he or she truly are so they pretend by picking up all of their things, but as time goes along their true colors come out.

This exact situation has happened with my suitemates and I, at first our common room was clean and no one used it. Now is a completely different story though; there is stuff all over the tables, and the floor from people doing projects in the common room. When I go and ask the person that was working in there to pick up their stuff they always say no it’s good where it is. So then I have to keep asking until they actually get up and go do it. Or I end being the one who picks up their mess because I like to keep my room nice and clean.

When one of my suitemates says no, it really bothers me and I tell them that its crap that they are leaving there stuff everywhere and that they need to go pick it up now and they for the most part do pick it up. It happens more often then not in my suite where stuff gets left out everywhere and no one wants to pick it up. It happened last night when one of my suitemates was working on his design projects and the next morning I came out and he had left stuff everywhere. So I left for class and when I came back it was still there and it stayed there for the rest of the day. I finally had to ask him to go and clean up his stuff cause I had people coming over and I didn’t want it to be messy when they came.

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