July 31, 2010
Goodbye all, hello world.
Times like these I am consumed with thoughts of leaving.
Packing my bags and hitting the road-or air.
Check list.
Check list
No check.
In my head I am there.
Over and over the scenes are played.
First look at the town-
Man, I’m gonna paint it red!
Cobble stone beneath my feet
Suitcase in hand
Off to college I go.
Majestic is the word in mind when first I see my school.
My school, my university, my home.
Strike a pose and say cheese!
Great big smile
New Hall behind me.
Inside the warden says welcome and explains the rules
But rules are un-cool.
Skipping through the hallways
At my thresh hold I now stand.
My what a big closet I now call home!
Set up
The crazy frenzy reminds me of the weeks before this moment.
It was:
Not enough room-
Back to the future and I’m sitting in my first class.
Hold up
One scene was forgotten.
No it wasn’t.
Clearly it was.
No story such as this could be complete with out goodbye.
Without an end to give way to a beginning.
The end…
The end of friendship
The end of laughs
And fun.
Say goodbye to all I know once sounded easy
Now I picture the day and cringe.
Standing at the airport
My loved ones will surround me.
Final boarding will be called and one by one I will hug them all.
The first ones are easy to let go.
But then the dearest
Will step in front of me with best of wishes
And all will be lost.
No make up that day I plan to cry.
Longer hugs.
The handful who I cant let go.
Maybe they are crying
Maybe they are not.
I know they miss me
I know two years has carved deep, un-fillable holes in hearts.
They will cry
I will cry
Bitter sweet.
No one is the last to say goodbye
In one voice they chime in harmony till
I see them no more. They are blurry
They are gone.
Goodbye loved ones
Goodbye sisters, brothers
Cherished people.
Miss you
You miss me more than you let on.
Worst scene
Of all.
But there’s no skipping it
There is no
Not saying goodbye.
This is no movie or novel.
Real world
Real goodbye.
So goodbye all-
People I shall forget
Ones I will never lose to the tides of time.
Hello to a new world waiting for my arrival.

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