How to Find a College

November 11, 2009
By BigPeterT SILVER, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
BigPeterT SILVER, Dell Rapids, South Dakota
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This story was very interesting to think about going off to college. It may seem like it is a long ways away, but then again, it’s only four years to go. Stories like this make you think about your future and it is not as far as it may seem. These steps that the author wrote about are just the material things you will have to worry about, let alone the home sickness, and the sadness, or then again the happiness you could get while going off into the real world. What I think the author wanted was that everyone looking for some post-high school education, would be prepared and to that college is not such a bad thing. It may seem like it with all of the work, but you could gain so much and get so many opportunities that it is nothing to pass up. It was interesting to though too, that through all the stress in going to college, you can still come up with something as easy as a list to help you be prepared for what is coming. It was a very good article.

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