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A Deeper Meaning at Root

September 21, 2018
By l_richards01 BRONZE, Clinton, Iowa
l_richards01 BRONZE, Clinton, Iowa
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What does your name mean? What does it stand for or symbolize? When I was younger in elementary school, I always liked to ask the meaning of my name, but when compared to others, it became like a game of hide and seek; I’d find what your name meant, but then I’d hide mine. And here’s why:

When my sister asked what her name, Sarah, meant she got the noble reply princess. And my brother, William, he got the mighty response of being a great protector. These two names along with millions of others have some meaning, all except one name:


That’s my name, and it symbolizes nothing more than a green shrub:


A laurel plant was used in ancient Greece to create a victor’s garland.

Jumping ahead years from being an elementary kid, I entered into middle school. One of my first assignments was to write a paper about the meaning of my name and how it related to me as a person. Trying to think positively, I thought ‘Great, a green plant. Well, maybe happy summer thoughts would work.’ This led me to write about how my name and my personality was like the shining sun, and a flower bed among other things. As I was writing, I thought, ‘this couldn’t be it, could it?’ I had to have something, some purpose, some kind of meaning.

Once I got into high school, and read ‘The F Word’, I realized, maybe my name had deeper meaning; that is plant was just the surface and there was much more was at the root. At this age, I identified more of who I was, and realized the actual definition of my name did not matter, but how I viewed myself, who I am and who I represent.


A simplistic plant of great significance in ancient Greece, but also in present day times.


That’s my name, a name deriving from Laurel, and I have found that the need to hide is no longer necessary.  I have found my name symbolizes individualism; my own choices in my life that have gotten me to where I am today. I have found it symbolizes my own beauty; how I choose to view myself, without listening to the comments of others. I have found it stands for everything I am: my faith, values, morals and ethics, my lifestyle and everyday choices. My name is something to be proud of and I will not play hide and seek, anymore.

So I bring you back to this question, what does your name mean?

The author's comments:

I wrote this piece originally just starting out as an assignment, but it became so much more when I realized the deeper meaning.

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