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Howling Of The Shadows, A Spin Off
By , Franklin, WI

Howling of the shadows is a story about a soldier, David White who tends to drink alot. Yet, for months him and his troops have been surveying over the beginning of a zombie apocalypse, until things turned for the worst.

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Alphabet Soup for the Undead Soul
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Aren't you sick and tired of the lack of resources for your undead needs? Well look no further than the convienent, alphabet organized, Alphabet Soup for the Undead Soul!

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Frst paragraph of my book partly edited. I will realease the second chapter soon! First chapter is just the intro to charecters and their suroundings!

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The First Chrononaut
Eugene is a young scientist that has created the world's first time machine. However, during a trial run of his new invention, he learns that the near future is nothing like he expected. (more »)
Eagle Street
By , Crystal Lake, IL
The apocalypse has begun... and twelve kids are right in the epicenter. (more »)
DNA Infection
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Eight college students are fighting to live in a world of chaos. An infection has broken out all over the world. At the end of they day it will only be about who can pull the trigger first. (more »)
Zoe the Zombie
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Zoe is a member of the walking dead who wants to be alive again, she plans to use her new boyfriends soul to do so. But someone plans to steal her own, but her friends will help her fight. (more »)
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17 year old Matt narrates the last 2 months of his life during a zombie apocalypse, along with his girlfriend Cara, and friends Jay, Allie, Darcy, and Danny, learning how to understand what their last hours will be like. (more »)
Worlds Collide
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It is a good book for a zombie fan and it will catch the attention of readers. (more »)
The Arena of Kage's
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When an army of the undead start to abduct a group of teens, the group's worst nightmare is to meet the man behind it all: Kage Talinsky. (more »)
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Dragons long lost to the passages of the elder scrolls have returned to tamriel. As dragonborn the prophesied hero born with the power of The Voice, Dovakhiin is the only one who can stand amongst them. (more »)
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A group of teenagers and their "guardian" Warhorse are fighting Post-Apocalyptic Earth. Will they live and fight another day, or die and become one of the dead? (more »)
The Gasoline Ignites
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Neal Cortright and his friends survive the zombie infection and try to thrive. (more »)
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Past Apocalypses
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Did you ever want to know the story of the few survivors from after the Great Zombie Attack? Here's your chance! Read about the romance, blood and gore after the shook of finding your loved ones dead wears off. (more »)
The Dead and Dying Embers
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It's hard to keep your fire going in a world full of death... (more »)

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