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Wolf Girl
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Briar, the Wolf Girl, is the that was girl born and raised on a wolf preserve. She knows she's special but she's soon going to discover just how deadly being special is.

(more »)
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Zoe the Zombie
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Zoe is a member of the walking dead who wants to be alive again, she plans to use her new boyfriends soul to do so. But someone plans to steal her own, but her friends will help her fight. (more »)
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A young man with a dark secret struggling to keep his secret hidden (more »)
My Story
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Zonia Arabella Romousa Ivy has lived on he father's farm in Italy for 15 years. When she moves to America the drama begins. Hot guys battle for her heart and emotions run wild. (more »)
The Little Teashop of Horrors
In an alleyway is a tiny, little teashop. Their tea is strange, the staff even stranger, and the patrons the strangest of them all. Welcome to Bernetta's, may we take your order? (more »)
Pasted and Present Lober's A Vampire
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It's a story about a girl who is reborn and who's lover in her past life and present live is the Prince of the vampires. (more »)
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This is my latest version of my collection of Wendrenhood pieces. It is still unfinished, but it is really coming along (more »)
Vampire High Chronicles: the first taste
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Alena Gordon is a normal teenage vampire at a normal vampire high school. This year things turn bad when they find out that some things will be in the same school as them. (more »)
Clara's Diary - A Paranormal Romance
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Clara's an ordinary girl whose life gets extraordinary real fast. New school, no money and divorcing parents are bad enough, but throw supernatural boyfriends and evil vampires into the mix, and things get out of control quickly! (more »)
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In Arcana, the last human city, wereolves are the #1 enemy. When Velonica's best friend is turned into a werewolf, can she choose between friendship and loyalty? (more »)
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Dragons long lost to the passages of the elder scrolls have returned to tamriel. As dragonborn the prophesied hero born with the power of The Voice, Dovakhiin is the only one who can stand amongst them. (more »)
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A girl and a boy find out they're wolf shape-shifters. (more »)
Scientist Werewolf
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What happens when your mother is a scientist? What will happen if she found the cure? What if it got in the wrong hands? (more »)
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A fifteen year old girl named Natasha Winterpike finds out that she and her best friend, Finn Brown, are wolf shape-shifters. (more »)
Curiouser and Curiouser
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A war that has raged for centuries continues on in the present-day. (more »)
Trust Me
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Her life is turned upside down when Social Services learn the neglect of her mother after her father’s demise. Gabriella is taken away from her insufficient home, into a foster family. Will she find a way to open her wary heart to these strangers? (more »)

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