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The Quest Journey Story Book Thing
By , Wellesley, MA

Three men from different jobs and backgrounds meet up at a robbery and embark on a crazy adventure searching for fame and riches.

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Howling Of The Shadows, A Spin Off
By , Franklin, WI

Howling of the shadows is a story about a soldier, David White who tends to drink alot. Yet, for months him and his troops have been surveying over the beginning of a zombie apocalypse, until things turned for the worst.

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Daughter of death
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Nightmare is a troubled teen with a ghost attached to her and a troubled past but when she gets into a fight with the living which way will it go?

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Andromeda: Queen of Monsters
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The untold story of Queen Andromeda and how she and Perseus really fell in love.

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The Powers of an Aristocrat
By , Aurora, IL

How can Susanna save her self and her sanity without destroying her family bloodline?

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Willow Abandoned
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Excited to go on an adventure and visit her family,seventeen-year-old Willow Collins, goes on a road trip. Little does she know that she will never make it to Washington ... (more »)
Forgetting Boundaries
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Restrictions are a part of society. Either Embrace them or Forget them. (more »)
It is a story about a Navy Seal and an Israeli commando taking on a powerful, evil terrorist. (more »)
The Dome
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Oscar James, a man who was caught up in the outbreak Of the infected five years ago. He was the head developer that came up with the idea of a recovery center from the zombie like creatures. (more »)
The Lumous Chronicles
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Elita's dad get's assassinated as the king of Lumous. Her mother brings her to the human world to escape political tyranny. (more »)
Soulblood Wood
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Soul-blood Wood. Just the title brings shivers to the residents of The Village. What will happen when two people venture inside? (more »)
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A soldier tries to regain his conscience and ability to feel normal humans things after being brainwashed into a mindless war machine by a mercenary company. (more »)
2 Brothers part 1 (NEW)
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Edited version of the first 2 brothers part 1, with the first 2 and a half chapters. (more »)
Forever Desires
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A trigger was pulled, and it wasn't mine. (more »)
Forget Me Not
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A girl named Dinah who claims to see visions of dead people's past lives' unknowingly has another half of herself living on the other side of the globe. (more »)
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Reese is an extreme enigma to the readers. They don't quite understand what's going on in the beginning but as they read on, all questions are answered. (more »)

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