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The Search
By , West Homestead, PA

After years of in depth research, continual questioning, and fingerprint scanning, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, ruled the case as "unsolved." Charlotte decided to put the case in her own hands.

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Regan is that somewhat normal teenager. She has friends, enemies, okay grades in school, and a decent family. Life is good for her, until she finds out she can communicate with the dead.

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The House of Trials
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Ashton Reine, a sixteen-year-old girl living in a dystopian society is required by the government to perfom in an experiment. But for Ashton, things don't go as planned.

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Balancing the Scales Part 1
By , Dedham, MA

Everything was going to end tonight. Years of tireless investigation and searching for the truth would coalesce when he exposed her for the monster she really was. There was no denying it; she killed his sister. She was going to pay.

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The Memoir of a Hear Collector
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Psychological thriller taken through the streets of Chicago. 

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Harold and the Herald of Silence
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I’m the not richest or smartest, but what I do have is family: a father who hates me, a brother who mocks me, a mother who doesn't love me, a sister who doesn't get me. A break-in made me do the unthinkable, and now my house only heralds silence. (more »)
Just a Dream?
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You wake up, but you don't know where you are. The only thing you know is that there is a strange little girl who needs your help. (more »)
A Season for Autumn
A sixteen year old girl named Autumn moves to a new town to forget her past, but can she? (more »)
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The only thing twenty-two-year-old Candace Madoc and sixteen-year-old Allie Cross have in common is the worldwide mass murder of over a hundred people. Candace, the cause. Allie, a victim. Fictional character Violet, their worst nightmare. (more »)
To Journey's End
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The three sisters: Machiko,Mayumi and Koemi are in the past only knowing that they are harvesters and their parents were just murdered. In order to return home they must kill evil,face the ultimate tragedy and support one another. (more »)
A Stranger in The Bushes
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Lindsay Corbet gets the shock of her life when her ex-boyfriend, Jeremiah McCool comes back to town and weird things start happening to her. strange phone calls and only Jeremiah can help her. (more »)
The Andromeda Fall
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The Martian Colonies (humans) have found stupid excuses to start a war. The Andromeda, an imperial flagship, leads the biggest space fleet to suppress this revolution. Yet in the event of the Andromeda Fall, a new war sparks up. (more »)
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Benevolence takes place in a rural Indiana town where things haven't really progressed since the 50's. There is still strong, racial hatred that needs to be dealt with, but can two A.A teenagers do it alone? (more »)
The Unwanted Differences
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Finding out you're not human is one thing. Finding out you and your best friends lives are at sake is overwhelming! (more »)
The Orphan Boy
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It is the 27the year of thee era Anno Magna and Eleron, a simple city boy is the chosen one. He is the one chosen to bring peace and balance to a war-ridden world. (more »)
Inside the Mind of Victoria Sanderson
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Are psycho's really psycho's? No, we just have a different way of thinking. (more »)

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