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Twenty Seventeen
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Kit Williams, a fifteen-year-old who lives in Jamison, California, has never seen color. He was born color blind and only sees white, grey, and black. That is, until, a day in the summer of 2017.

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If You Don't Do Something
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Anabelle is constantly pressured by her mother and required to meet incredibly high demands. On top of that, the day we meet her, she experiences a host of bad luck. Read on to find out how she copes with it. (more »)
Life Changes
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After Losing her Father at 16, Kayleena is forced to leave home and moves to Arkansas where she battles her monsters everyday. Can she survive the emotional roller coaster her life has taken? (more »)
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By , la quinta, CA
The world is slowly falling apart, self-destructing as the climate changes. Nothing is as it seems. Who knew humanity could be so dangerous? (more »)
Far from Perfect
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Lyndsey is a normal 15 year old girl. Except that her parents are abusive and her siblings are bullies. When her aunt finds out, she takes her away. Lyndsey feels saved, but is she? (more »)
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What would you do if you were treated by your wealth instead of who you are? (more »)
The Directors
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A young teenage girl must find her way through the trials of her first year of high school while fighting an ancient evil. (more »)
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What's seen from atop the buildings
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Blair meets a boy named Oliver, and it's what you expect of a teen romance novel. That is, up until the plot twist. (more »)
Legacy of Dawn
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The four daughters of the Mediterranean Goddess of hope Siren have to over throw their mother, who has been corrupted by a traitor . Will they save the way of the Gods or be destroyed by their mother and her army. (more »)
Broken Butterflies
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Wynter Tomson carries around a horrible self esteem fueled by her destructive disease. But when a certain someone changes her mind and loves her, it could ruin everything. (more »)
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“I promise.” His words sounded like a death
sentence, yet he couldn't stop himself. The
thought of being apart from her was maddening. (more »)
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The Colorcaust
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What if you wernt aloud to have green eyes or blonde hair...what if you could get killed for it? (more »)
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Sometimes I wished that
I loved him.
Even if he didn’t love me back,
Sometimes I think it would be nice to
have your heart broken. (more »)
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