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Trial of the Demon (2014)
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This is an expanded version of the article Trial of the Demon I had posted from quite awhile ago. In this retelling Namikasha and Sakon face the Demon yet again in a more immersive and intense atmosphere.

(more »)
Lurking Shadows (Completed edition)
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People say "Blood is thicker than water." however, the original saying is, "The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb." and while my family wishes I was gone, the friends I've chosen are here to stay. Or at least I hope so. (more »)
Jane Doe
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Jane Doe lives a comfortable life attending the world's most prestigious boarding school when Peter Grey appears in her life, and everything comes crashing down around her. (more »)
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By , Pittsburgh, PA
A novella about a recently divorced man who falls in love with a ghost at an old beach diner. As things get serious, the line separating reality and fantasy begin to blur. (more »)
The Party of a Lifetime
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Arianna goes to a party with her friend who is the opposite of Arianna. Christina has done this before but Arianna is surprised at what she sees upon arrival. (more »)
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Willow is a seventeen year old haunted by her father's violent and sudden death. One day in the prairie through Willow encounters the storms that plague her life and a friendly ghost, that will help her find the peace she wishes for. (more »)
A Subconcious Sedition
By , Wyckoff, NJ
Tom Tawn has to learn how to tame his nightmares, or else they will end up killing of everyone he knows and loves. (more »)
Two Halves of Eternity
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When you have all of eternity to live, there should be no problem. But what is this worth when you find yourself loving someone who can live no more than a century? (more »)
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Raven is a young girl who has too attend a new school in a small town. Everyone already knows each other. That's okay though. Raven never has been one to fit in... (more »)
The Summer of Magic
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Elizabeth, just an ordinary girl from a small town holds more secrets then meets the eye. She has two beautiful boys worshiping at her alter...and worst of all, shes a witch with a horific curse placed apon her. (more »)
The Unwanted Differences
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Finding out you're not human is one thing. Finding out you and your best friends lives are at sake is overwhelming! (more »)
The Directors
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A young teenage girl must find her way through the trials of her first year of high school while fighting an ancient evil. (more »)
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Blood Red Roses
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When teenage necromancer Sapphire Dean starts being haunted by the ghost a 18 the century man who wants to live again, her and her friends must fight for they're lives. (more »)
The Little Teashop of Horrors
In an alleyway is a tiny, little teashop. Their tea is strange, the staff even stranger, and the patrons the strangest of them all. Welcome to Bernetta's, may we take your order? (more »)
Ghost Whisperer
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She is confused. A little sixteen year old girl who has been contacted by people she thought were gone forever. She is definitely confused. (more »)
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She has a gift for strategy- she always wins. She has a dark secret- and a hard past. She has a torn family- they hold the answers. As the tides of the world turn, she finds herself not only trying to survive, but trying to once again live. (more »)

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