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Just a Dream?
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You wake up, but you don't know where you are. The only thing you know is that there is a strange little girl who needs your help. (more »)
Letters From The Front
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This is a short story about a World War 2 soldier fighting in France just after D-day. The story includes his fight as his Regiment nears St. Lo and the struggles of his love at home as seen in their letters. (more »)
River Of broken Dreams
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Ciana(China) is abused by her father Nathan, along with her brother Adan. Adan is leavening for a life of a sailor. His best friend, Brice is always there for them. Ciana is abused more when her brother is away for the littlest things. (more »)
How Rare and Beautiful it Truly is that we exist
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Alice and her sister Mae are always together; or is it all in her head? (more »)
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The Secret World of the American Vampire
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There are so many secrets surrounding the Saunders'but to add to all this, the Saunders’ are one of the most prestigious families in Vampiric society and in this world reputation means everything. (more »)
Path of the Waves: The Tale of Caleb Morrings
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In the tumultuous years preceding the War of 1812, Caleb Morrings is an American Navy-man who is pressed into service under the British Flag. Follow his journey to the USS Chesapeake as the seas erupt in some of the most important battles of the war. (more »)
Electric Night
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A girl is stuck in a world where she has to earn the right to control her own life. (more »)
The New Season
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This story is talking about how Dante Carter starts off the new season and if he will beat the Yankees. (more »)
Savior Heart
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Heart is moved half way across the world to sunny side California. She's not the time to fit that type of world. Instead Heart finds a different world. one that needs her help. Can she save this kingdom from drowning, or will she go down with it? (more »)
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❝We refuse to see how bad something is until it completely destroys us❞ (more »)
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A red coat. A sick grandmother. A murderous illusion.
The better to frighten you with, my dear. (more »)
The Adventures of Choran
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Choran, a young Chinese boy, seeks new opportunities in a whole new country. (more »)
The Lost Decade
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Written by a sixteen-year-old who witnessed unemployment and cancer in her own household, this memoir documents the decade 2000-2009 from a kid's perspective. (more »)
Blood on the Sand
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Rufus is a citizen of Ancient Rome, but he has never known his parent who were taen inot slavery. What happened to them? And will Rufus ever find out the truth about his parents? (more »)
What's seen from atop the buildings
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Blair meets a boy named Oliver, and it's what you expect of a teen romance novel. That is, up until the plot twist. (more »)
A Cray Fish Story
Ozzy, a young fish, sets out on an adventure to find the last fish alive that can tell him the secrets to life. (more »)

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