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Lucinda Kavonic

Lucinda Kavonic is a teenage girl whose world is completely changed when she finds out she isnt who she is. L is forced to do unimaginable things at only 14-15. 

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The rise in terrorism and the haunting of her past forces Agent Kraft into a new era of fear, hatred and, strangely, love.

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'We’re like machinery: we could appear to be the picture of perfection, but eventually, if and when a crack appears, the right fall could cause that crack to destroy us...' (more »)
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Raven in the Shadows
Raven in the Shadows is about an orphan teenage girl who is recruited by the SSSO as a spy. And her once choice could save the world... or ruin it. (more »)
The Spy Way
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Alex leads an interesting life. Like:
-Her father died when she was six
-She goes to two schools
-And she's a spy

This story follows her journey to find out what matters most. Will she succeed in her true mission or... (more »)
My First Year as a Spy Trainee
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Remus is a ten year old boy, who's on his way to his father's Alma mater; Moon Johnson's Spy Academy for Teens. He finds love,hangs around his best friend, and joins teams, where he becomes popular, but for all the wrong reasons. (more »)
It All Started on March 13th
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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a teenage spy? That's exactly what happens to Lola and her friends in this Mystery/Action-Adventure Novel (more »)
Vitaly Penn
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A private investigator finds himself involved in the case of the life time. (more »)

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